Accelerate your growth and achieve your potential through coaching.

We assist in the areas of:

  • Leadership*
  • Career planning and development
  • Role transition
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved wellbeing and resilience
  • Effectiveness in communication*
  • Conflict management
  • Personal change

Coaching helps people move forward to where they want to be. Coaching is provided by Ava Gibson, who customises coaching programmes specifically to meet each individual's unique needs and goals.

Achieving success is largely about our mindset, the way we think about things; and about having the skills and motivation to change behaviours, then taking action. Ava makes it easier to succeed by helping you gain clarity and focus, as well as supporting and encouraging you through challenges. She uses up-to-date knowledge and practical skills to coach you to achieve your goals.

Coaching can take place in person, or through video-conferencing for those living outside of Wellington, New Zealand. Group coaching is also available.

Detailed information and a free no-obligation 30-minute conversation is available prior to commencement.

*Leadership and Effective Communication coaching services have qualfied for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme, and are eligible for voucher redemption


Orb Solutions offers skilled facilitators for:

  • Planning days
  • Team building
  • Appreciative inquiry summits
  • Consultation and stakeholder meetings, hui
  • Focus groups
  • Community meetings
  • Issue exploration
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Workshops on a variety of topics

External facilitators ensure quality outcomes and participation from all all group members. We take care of the structure and process of meetings so you can focus on the content.

We design and facilitate processes for 90 minute meetings to three-day events. Contact us to discuss your meeting objectives.

Dispute Resolution

Orb Solutions has professionally trained, accredited mediators to help you work through differences and resolve issues. We can:

  • Facilitate a difficult conversation or meeting
  • Coach an individual to work through a conflict situation
  • Mediate a dispute
  • Resolve complaints
  • Provide training on skills in managing conflict and having difficult conversations

Conflict is a normal part of life. Conflict can result from differences in thinking, values, beliefs and behaviours. When left unresolved it can escalate, resulting in lower productivity, damaged relationships, low morale and can impact on health and wellbeing.

When things are stuck it is useful to have someone independent and neutral to assist. The earlier you seek help, the more options there can be for creating sustainable resolutions. For a confidential, no obligation conversation to discuss options call us on either 021 349 776 or 0274 282 672.

Professional Supervision

With over twenty years experience in supervision, Ava Gibson provides professional supervision to:

  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Non-profit CEOs
  • Education professionals
  • Health professionals
  • Dispute resolvers
  • NZANLP professional members

Ava provides a regular confidential time to pause, reflect, discuss and prepare for your work. She is particularly adept at addressing burn-out and leadership issues.

Supervision can take place face-to-face in Wellington, N.Z, or by video-conference or telephone.


Orb Solutions offers qualified and experienced adult trainers.

We develop and deliver tailored training packages in the following areas:

  • Professional Development groups for women
  • Minimise Impact of Complaint workshops*
  • 'Hard to have' conversation workshops
  • Transforming communication skills
  • Working with high emotions in the workplace
  • Board governance

*This service has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme, and is eligible for voucher redemption

Current public training is listed on the event page, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.