"Squeeze a holiday in"

My partner and I were looking to see whether we could get a long weekend break. As the diary's were looking full, she found one weekend which was possible and commented, "we could possibly squeeze in a long weekend here". 

It made me wonder at what point did we lose perspective in our work/life balance when we started to use language, such as 'squeeze a holiday' as if it was almost in the 'too hard to organise, therefore lets not try basket!'

Implicit in the word 'squeeze' is pressure, tight, uncomfortable and therefore possibly stressful.

It struck us both about the power of language, where this choice of words automatically created a barrier to the idea of a long weekend holiday; and made us both question whether it was worth the effort. Whereas a different choice of words may have created a sense of excitement at the possibility of what we could organise.

A powerful tool at our disposal is our ability to stop and reflect on the impact of words we use in every day conversation, and to change those words if they create limiting beliefs or barriers to achieving your goals.